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Process Solutions Integration
PSI is the one source supplier for instrumentation & filtration products with the relationships, skills and infrastructure to deliver the products and services for all your applications.
Valves, Fittings, Quick Couplers, Hose & Tubing
Instrument fluid control products: tube fittings, pipe fittings, ball valves, needle valves, plug valves, manifolds and sample cylinders
Teflon, SS braided, pneumatic  & hydraulic hoses
Full line of instrumentation products, gauges, switches, transducers, manifolds & needle valves
Check & relief valves; regulators, solenoids & other misc. fluid control systems
Electric & pneumatic actuators and controls: automatic & manual ball & butterfly valves
Brass & SS pipe, fittings, flanges & valves
Milwaukee Valve
Commercial & industrial actuators and controls: ball, butterfly, globe, gate, check valves
Ball, needle, gate, butterfly, check, manifold valves, misc. fittings & gauges
Stainless Steel Tubing
304 & 316 seamless & welded tubing
Quick disconnect couplings & hydraulic valves
Ball valves & actuators for process control
Quick-couplings, valves, fittings and accessories
Specializes in steel tube & pipe fittings
Leading manufacturer of solenoid valves
Pressure, Temperature & Heat Trace Controls
Pressure & temperature gauges, switches, transducers & transmitters
Self-regulating heat trace, temperature controls & sensors and accessories
Pressure & temperature gauges transducers & controllers
Industrial heating products & systems, constant-watt and mineral insulated cables
Standard and custom industrial & commercial switches
Direct drive pressure gauges, digital gauges & regulators
Low & high pressure regulators, filter regulators, positioners, actuators, transducers and diaphragm seals
Pressure, temperature and flow measurement equipment
Gas, air & back pressure regulators, filter regulator lubricators, pressure transducers, diaphram air cylinders, pneumatic relays, gauges & needle valves
Custom heat blankets & panels, complete turnkey installation of heat trace & insulation projects
Bi-metal thermometers, pressure gauges and transmitters
Thermocouples, RTD's, thermowells and other temperature devices
Pump, Flow & Level Controls
Level switches, gauges, transmitters, sensors
Hydraulics International
High pressure gas boosters, liquid pumps, receivers, valves & accessories
Flow & level control products; diaphragm operated motor valves
Complete line of quality precision orfice plates
Note: Some products are not available in all locations
"Your one source for instrumentation & filtration"
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